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Homework: Will be set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday.


Children will be given weekly spellings on a Friday to practise at home. These will be tested on the following Friday. Every week there will be an activity set up to be completed on If you need help with this then please ask.


Spelling lists Year 3

Like a challenge? Could you...?

1. Bake your own train themed goodies.

2. Create an information report for a well known train - the Flying Scotsman is a good choice.

3. Create an information guide or poster for a train station.

4. Design a new train.

5. Create an acrostic poem for either the word train or a famous train.

6. Create a railway or train themed board game.

7. Create a jigsaw of a train or railway track.

8. Read the book 'The Railway Children' and write a book review.

9. Write a story about a character who travels on a train or about a train.

10. Create a painting or artwork based on a train or railway.