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Homework: Will be set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday.


Children will be given weekly spellings on a Friday to practise at home. These will be tested on the following Friday. Every week there will be an activity set up to be completed on If you need help with this then please ask.


Like a challenge? Could you...?

1. Cook a meal or bake something traditionally from another European country – could you write instructions for this or write a review?

2. Create an information report for a European country of your choice.

3. Create an information guide or poster for tourists visiting a European country.

4. Design a new flag for a European country of your choice – explain your reasoning behind your design.

5. Create an acrostic poem for a European country of your choice.

6. Write a letter to someone living in a European country of your choice – what questions might you ask them?

7. Create a board game linked to a European country or even all of the countries if you are up for the challenge!

8. Create European country top trump cards.

9. Create a jigsaw of Europe or a European picture/country.

10. Choose a European language and learn words to share with class. If you already know a language – teach the class some words and phrases.

11. Research someone famous from a European country – can you create a fact file or an autobiography on this person?

12. Write a story about a character who travels to a European country.

13. Create a painting or artwork based on something from a European country or a view in a European country.

14. Create your own wordle for either Europe or a European country of your choice.

15. Find out about how a country of your choice celebrates Christmas.