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Year 3 had a fantastic time at Tiverton Museum learning all about World War 2.
We have been practising our understanding of angles as turns. We had to direct our partner along the course but they could only turn right either 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
Year 3 listened to a soundtrack of an air raid; as the siren sounded they went under their tables. The sounds of the air raid continued with bombs falling and fires crackling, finally the all clear sounded and the children were able to come out from under the tables. The children were able to talk about what it would have felt like to be in a city during the Blitz.
We have been using Cuisenaire rods to investigate fractions and explore equivalent fractions.
Telling the time is really tricky. We have been practising using our own paper watches.
We are really enjoying learning to play the recorder. We can read B, A and G and know the names of some notes including crotchet, minim and semibreve.
Year 3 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. See how many different characters you can spot.

Solving money problems is a real head scratcher.