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SATs Celebration!


Well done to our Year 6 who tackled their SATs with determination, maturity and a brilliantly relaxed manner. We are very proud of all that they have achieved this year.

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Year 6 have been using concrete resources to demonstrate their reasoning around equivalent fractions as well as their knowledge of the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.


Year 6 enjoyed performing their assembly to the whole school and quizzing everybody very thoroughly. Thanks to them, the school have learnt all about how to be SMART when online: Safe - never give out personal information about yourself; Meeting - never agree to meet anyone who you have only met online. The children shared their favourite top tip - if you don't know what they smell like, you don't know them so don't meet them; Accepting - never accept emails or pop ups from people or sites you don't know; Reliable - not everything on the internet is true so use your brain to make a sensible decision; Tell someone - if you are unsure about anything or anyone online, tell a responsible adult.


Thank you to all who came and watched the assembly. We hope you enjoyed the chance to look at the children's books over tea ad biscuits afterwards!

Science - the Circulatory System

In science, we have been learning about the heart and lungs and their functions within the circulatory system.  We carried out a fair test to investigate the effect of exercise on our heartbeats.


Year 6 have been learning about e-safety and have written leaflets to explain 'How to Stay Safe from Cyberbullies'. As part of their learning, year 6 dramatised scenarios in which they could find themselves victims of cyber-bullying.