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Visions and Values

 Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement:


And to each and to all
God entrusts a unique role,
A one and only place in the world’s story.

At St John's, we are learning to grow into God's family, where there are no outsiders, where all belong.  As a Catholic school, we aim to provide a well-rounded, Christian education to prepare our children for their unique contribution to the world.



Our Aims:

To make St John’s School a place where God’s love for us is shared and nurtured

•    remembering, both in our work and play, that everything belongs to God:
all subjects, all people, all activities, our whole world

•    helping all children and adults, in our School community, to live their lives based on Gospel values

•    making space each day for sincere moments of prayer, reflection and worship, spending time close to God.

To make St John’s School a place where Christ’s presence is clear to see

•    showing proper respect for each other, as Christ is present within us all

•    promoting positive attitudes and behaviour

•    treating misdemeanours with justice and forgiveness

•    following Christ’s example and celebrating the success of others, and being kind and supportive.

To make our school an active part of the Home/School/Parish triangle, where the education of the whole person is our aim

•    ensuring that Christ is the foundation for the entire Curriculum

•    remembering that parents are the first teachers of their children and that strong and positive links between school and home, are essential

•    remembering that our primary task at St John’s is to educate within the ethos of the Catholic Church

•    striving for good, positive, formal and informal links between school and parish

•    being an active part of the faith development of our pupils, alongside parents and parish, to prepare them for the wider commitment by giving them the foundations of the Gospel values of Love, Peace, Justice and respect for others.


Above all, our aim is to provide a place where our children feel safe, and where they learn to respect others, knowing that their own views are respected, as are the views of others. We are aware of the government's Prevent Duty advice, which can be accessed here: