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Year 1

Dear Parents,


Welcome back

Welcome back after the Summer holiday break.  It was lovely to see so many happy and smiley children arrive back to school on Wednesday morning, and everybody enjoyed sharing their holiday news – it sounds like everybody has had a very busy holiday.

I have attached the curriculum puzzle for you to refer to throughout Autumn 1.  If you have any areas of expertise that you would be willing to share with the children, please let me know.


Year 1 staffing

Just a reminder that during the Autumn term the year one children will be taught by Miss Horrell Monday to Thursday and Mrs Webber will be teaching year 1 on a Friday.  We will be working closely together and liaising with regards to your children’s learning.


Layla is the fulltime teaching assistant in year one.  We are also extremely lucky to have Leighanne working in year 1 every morning and three afternoons a week.


Writing and Mathematics this half term

This half term we are doing a big push on getting all children secure with the basics – consistently remembering full stops, capital letters and finger spaces so that we are able to introduce more complex grammar to the children.  In mathematics we are also trying to get the children more confident with number bonds to 10 and beyond, recognising odd and even numbers and knowing one more and one less than a number.  This is so that the children have a solid understanding to build upon after half term.



Reading is critical to children furthering their education and understanding.  At St John’s school, children will be reading on a regular basis in small group sessions.  We also have additional adult support to gear individual readers and help the children to progress.  It has been suggested that if children read for 10 minutes a day, three times a week they should reach the ‘expected’ level of achievement for their year group.  Therefore, hearing your child read 3+ times a week at home, along with the support provided at school, should enable your child to make considerable progress with their reading.



PE will be taught on a Tuesday and a Friday.  All children require a full PE kit.  Children need to be able to get them self dressed independently so please help them to learn this at home over the next couple of weeks.


Snack Shed

We are introducing a new snack shed where children can choose a snack  at break time.  All money must be paid at the school office on the Friday before so that sufficient snack can be brought.  Class teachers are unable to accept money for snack.  All pupil premium children are able to access the food in the snack shed for free.


On a Monday I will be sending out a brief summary of the children’s learning next week.  This is so that you are able to support them with their learning at home.

Finally, your children and their education is extremely important to all of the staff in year one, so please work with us to help make your child’s year as fantastic and educational as possible.


Many thanks.




Mia Horrell

Year 1 teacher