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Welcome to Year 4!

Friday 6th January 2017



Dear Parents



Welcome back to a new year and a new term. As you are all aware, I am currently working in Year 6 as Mrs James has had to step into the role of Acting Head whilst Mr Harland is unwell. Please be assured though that we will provide the children with the most consistent teaching we can and that as I am only on the other side of the corridor, I will be keeping an eye on them to ensure that they continue with the magnificent progress they have already made! In addition, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Malam will continue to support the children every day.


Our topic focus for the first half term is ‘The Railway Revolution’ where the children will be learning about how the industrial revolution led the way to a steam powered locomotive railway steam. They will learn about the huge impact that the railway revolution had on people’s lives. Linked to this, the children will be studying the life and works of Lawrence Lowry whose work clearly shows the landscape of industrial Britain.


Our science topic for the first half term will involve learning about ‘States of Matter’ with the main focus being on classifying materials based on their state and exploring how to alter different states. After half term, our science focus will switch to ‘Changing Sounds’ when the children will learn about how sound travels, pitch and volume.


We will also move from a history focus to a geography one after half term: here, we will be learning about how people earn a living both in the UK and other countries, including learning child labour in many developing countries .


Of course, the children will continue to receive weekly home learning which will be set on Friday and will be collected in the following Wednesday. They will also be receiving weekly spellings, which will be based on their own individual needs. In addition to their homework, I would ask that you read regularly with your child and talk to them about their books. We will continue to draw weekly raffle ticket for children who have four parental signatures in their book which indicate that they have read at home.


A further exciting opportunity for the children this term is involvement in Rocket Building project which is being sponsored by Heathcoats Factory. Along with a few other local primary schools, the children will be visiting the factory to learn about the different materials which are manufactured there and their applications. They will then design and build their own hydro-powered rockets which will be tested and launched in competition with all the other schools involved!


Finally, PE with Mrs Fullick remains on Wednesday afternoons when they will be doing dance and hockey. Once again, we are fortunate to be receiving coaching from Saints (previously Arsenal) who will be working on a range of invasion games every Friday. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school on these days.




Yours sincerely

Claire Paton

We have been out and about around school witnessing the presence of God in the world around us. We found him in the sights, sounds, smells & feelings all around and we definitely found him in the delicious apples which we picked off the tree at school and ate. Yum!
Picture 1 God is all around us!

Here is the poem we wrote together as a class after our walk around school.


God is in everything.

Orchards full of scrumptious apples,

Delicate silky crispy leaves crunching under feet.


In the distance, rolling, misty hill,

Seeds floating on the autumn breeze.


Playground full of children’s laughter,

Red, juicy apples on a bountiful tree covered in golden leaves,

Extraordinarily beautiful leaves fluttering in the whistling wind.

Spirit of God in everything.

Exquisite berries red like rubies,

Naked tree, leaves all gone.

Thank you God for being with us.


We had a great time at Kent's Cavern learning about Stone Age Britain. We followed the Stone Age trail, we dug for 'gems', we handled real stone age artefacts (including fossilised hyena poo) and we had a tour of the fabulous caves. The children were given vouchers which entitle them to free entry back into Kent's Cavern with a paying adult. Be quick if you fancy going - the vouchers expire on 31st December!

Picture 1 Happy 100th Birthday Roald Dahl!!!