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Year 5

Dear Parents/Carers,

Myself, and the Year 5 team of Mrs Hudd and Mrs West , are delighted to welcome you all into the autumn term. Should you ever have any questions, concerns or need to pass on information, as ever, my classroom door is open and our close-knit team is at your service.

 Curriculum Overview

Attached is a curriculum overview which provides an outline of all our exciting key areas of study. This document may also be viewed on the school website.

Physical Education

Our PE sessions are now on Wednesdays (Real PE – Health and Fitness with a cognitive twist!) and Thursdays (Gym – Sporty Stars). Please ensure that your son or daughter has a PE kit which includes appropriate footwear. It is incredibly helpful if all clothes carry the owner’s name.

Homework – due on Fridays

The Home Learning Grid system continues. Therefore, alongside tasks (see below) which children are required to complete, there are optional challenges which children may choose to undertake.  Effort, inspiration and creativity will always be rewarded with Dojos! In Year 5 we’re always keen to celebrate learning and achievement. Consequently, we’d be happy to see and reward any additional work the children produce at home.

Task 1: Spellings

Spellings will be sent home every Friday and children will also be tested on Fridays. This year, to encourage first learning of set words, children will be writing their weekly spellings down to bring home in books. These spelling books include a small space for evidence of practise (but children should probably do more!). Furthermore, so you may better track progress and attainment, they also include a space in which children will write their test scores for you to see. So that we know you have seen them, please initial your child’s scores each week.

Task 2: Reading

Please continue to listen to your child read regularly and record this in their reading diaries. Diaries are regularly monitored at a class and whole-school level. Even independent readers still benefit from regularly sharing reading with an adult, and the opportunity of doing this at home greatly complements the guided and independent reading we routinely undertake at school.

Task 3: Multiplication Tables

Each week children should practise multiplication tables. On Fridays we will undertake multiplication tables tests. Once again, children will write down their scores for you to see. To aid the learning of tables, there are lots of brilliant resources online and there are also some fantastic apps. If you’d like some guidance please let me know.

Should you wish to pass on a message, my school email is:

Yours sincerely

Mr Steve Hayman