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Year 3 Home Learning and the Easter Holidays!

Year 3 getting musical!

Getting creative! Year 3 busy making models of the rainforest layers.

WOW! Super work today for Maths - investigating and using bar models!

Paper making for Laudato Si!

The Giant's Handkerchief

Our Spy Visitor

Two weeks ago Years 3 and 4 received an urgent video message from a spy about to set off on an exciting mission. The spy needed some new gadgets to take with her. She asked Years 3 and 4 to design a gadget that looked like an everyday object but had hidden spy functions. The children have been very busy designing gadgets and writing persuasive adverts about them. Today, the spy came into school and listened to the children's ideas. We wonder which gadget designs she will take to her gadget creator to be made?

WW1 Year 3 Art work

Year 3 Basketball at Tiverton High School 7th November 2018

Year 3's morning at Tiverton High School's Athletics Festival 1st May 2018

Museum Spring 1 Part 1

Spring investigating rocks

Wow! What a busy first term! We have story mapped lots of different stories, acted out the story of 'Ratpunzel' and even made our own paper!