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Governors Code of Conduct Declaration - October 2018

CAST Governors Handbook - 26th October 2018

Why we are here

The Law says that:

The governing body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement (Section 21 of the Education Act 2002)

The governing body is accountable for the performance of the school and it fulfils this by setting the aims of the school and its priorities for improvement.  It agrees, monitors and evaluates the policies, targets and actions by which the school will move forward, including setting and monitoring the school budget.

The governing body’s role is strategic.  Governors are not expected to be involved in the detail of the day-to-day management of the school.  The Headteacher has responsibility for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and for implementation of the strategic framework established by the governing body.

The governing body works in partnership with the Headteacher and the senior leadership team.  Acting as ‘critical friends’, the governing body has a role to support and challenge the work of the school.

Governors must act corporately.  Individual governors do not have the power to act alone unless the corporate governing body has given them the authority to do so.  Individual governors have a broadly representative role but they are part of a team.  They are not delegates and do not have any kind of mandate from the body who elected or appointed them.

Queries and concerns about any aspect of school life should, in the first instance, be directed to the appropriate member of the school staff rather than to individual governors.  It is important that governors are not involved in issues, which may become formal complaints as this prevents governors from dealing with the matter impartially at a later stage.  Should you wish to pursue a matter further, having first attempted to resolve the issue with the relevant school staff, then please put your concern in writing to the chair of governors.

What we do

The full governing body meets twice a term.  In line with its strategic role, its focus for these meetings is school improvement.  The governing body receives a report from the headteacher on a termly basis and discusses issues arising from this report. The School Self Evaluation Form is circulated to governors so that judgements can be made together with the School Leadership Team.  The School Development Plan is produced annually and forms the basis of the governor-monitoring role at committee level.  Teaching staff present new initiatives/strategies at full governing body meetings and governors are taken on a ‘learning walk’ to view the impact of these throughout the school.

Most governing bodies manage a substantial part of their work through committees.  We have two main committees.  They are called Resources and Teaching and Learning. The Resources committee oversees personnel, buildings and finance; the Teaching and Learning committee oversees standards of teaching, learning, school development and policies. These committees meet each half term.
We welcome any interest in the work of the governing body.  If you would like to know more about the governing body or attend any of its meetings please contact the Chair of Governors to discuss.