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Gifted and Talented

Our school’s Aims and Mission statements assert that we will strive to:


  • Help our children to develop their personalities, skills and abilities both intellectually and socially;
  • Enable our children to achieve their potential through the provision of teaching which is challenging and enjoyable;
  • Ensure that all children are given equal access to the curriculum. In this way ALL children have opportunities for enrichment in their learning.


Gifted describes pupils who have the ability to excel academically in one or more subjects.


Talented describes pupils who have the ability to excel in practical skills such as leadership, sport and artistic performance.


Identification strategies


It is generally agreed that:


  • There is no universally acknowledged definition of giftedness;
  • Estimates of giftedness vary;
  • Being gifted and talented is not a fixed state of existence.


The school recognises that gifted and talented pupils are those who achieve significantly above average for their year group.


The school normally expects to identify possibly 3% of each year group as gifted and/or talented, although this will vary from year to year.


The following areas have been identified as being the main areas of ability:


A)  Intellectual

B)   Artistic

C)   Creative

D)  Practical

E)   Social