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Year 4 have made a great start to the new school year. Everyone enjoyed playing maths games using their place value skills.

This is what Year 4 had to say about Sports week:


'I really enjoyed the archery because I hit the red.'

'I enjoyed archery because on my first go I hit the yellow.'

'We did dance and I liked it because it reminded me of Starmakers.'

'I loved Dartmoor 3 Ball because I want to be like my Dad and play rounders.'

'I really enjoyed dance because I liked all the routines.'

'I liked archery because I hit the bullseye.'

'My favourite activity was circus skills because I got to try out things I'd never tried before.'

'I liked archery because we've never done it before.'

'I liked archery because it makes you want to beat your goal and it challenges you.'

'I really liked Dartmoor 3 Ball because I had a race with Josh.'


Overall, Year 4 loved Sports Week.

House of Commons Debate

Years 4 and 5 enjoyed taking their seats in the House of Commons. Up for debate were topics including; should school uniform be compulsory? should food be free? and should boys and girls have separate breaktimes?  The children were all keen to share their opinions and vote on the final decisions.

D-Day Webinar

Year 4's Trip to the Museum to find out about World War 2

Mrs James' Goats Visit St John's

Rabbit Run Quadrilaterals

Year 4 were challenged to design a rabbit run. Each investigated how many different types of quadrilaterals they could make using either the same or different lengths of wood. They used a computer programme, cuisinnaire rods and squared paper to help them.

Investigating Herbs and Making Pesto

The Giant's Handkerchief


Years 3 and 4 received a note from a very worried giant. He had lost his magical handkerchief in our school grounds. He asked Years 3 and 4 to find the handkerchief, leave it behind the climbing wall and sprinkle it with glitter to keep it safe. When he was sure no children would see him, he would return and collect it.

Our World Book Day Potato Characters

Year 4 Class Concert

Our Spy Visitor

Two weeks ago Years 3 and 4 received an urgent video message from a spy about to set off on an exciting mission. The spy needed some new gadgets to take with her. She asked Years 3 and 4 to design a gadget that looked like an everyday object but had hidden spy functions. The children have been very busy designing gadgets and writing persuasive adverts about them. Today, the spy came into school and listened to the children's ideas. We wonder which gadget designs she will take to her gadget creator to be made?

Investigating Decimal Numbers

Urgent Message from Elf Road! Our great hunt for the Entrance!

Year 4 have been learning to play the trombone and will be putting on a concert for parents on November 21st at 9.30am.

Working in our Maths Trios

We have been working in small groups to solve problems and play games that help with our learning in maths.

Action Songs in Music

Year 4 enjoyed learning the action song 'A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea' and then created their own versions.

Year 4 learning about the digestive system

Year 4 have been learning about the function of the digestive system from the teeth to the intestines.

Roman home learning

Roman home learning 1
Roman home learning 2
Roman home learning 3
Roman home learning 4
Roman home learning 5
Roman home learning 6
Roman home learning 7
Roman home learning 8
Roman home learning 9
Roman home learning 10
Roman home learning 11
Roman home learning 12
Roman home learning 13
Roman home learning 14
Roman home learning 15
Roman home learning 16
Roman home learning 17
Roman home learning 18
Roman home learning 19
Roman home learning 20
Roman home learning 21
Roman home learning 22
Roman home learning 23
Roman home learning 24
Roman home learning 25
Roman home learning 26
Roman home learning 27
Roman home learning 28
Roman home learning 29

This half term we have been exploring the science of sound.  We have looked and listened carefully at a range of instruments to discover what is vibrating to make the sound.  We have begun to develop our understanding of pitch and how to change it using a range of elastic bands.  We have even constructed string telephones and used the correct scientific language and knowledge to explain how they work. 


Our favourite experiment though, was linking the size of vibration with volume.  This involved placing seeds on top of drums and hitting the drum skins with varying force.  The harder we hit the drum, the higher the seeds bounced!

In January, Year 4 visited the fantastic Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon life. Holly and a host of volunteers developed our knowledge and understanding of the Romans. We had interactive talks on Roman schools, local archaeology, Roman armour and Roman foods. We all found it very fascinating and enjoyable.


After learning about the Romans, we were able to tour the rest of the museum and learn more about our local history. The exhibition that was the most loved was the Tivvy Bumper – toot – toot!

Sally Jackson visited Year 4 and spoke to us about the importance of reduce, reuse and recycling to ensure Devon does not go to waste.  One of many exciting challenges was to make a calculator work using two wires, a copper penny, a zinc coated nail and an orange!

Sally from Resourcefutures visits Year 4

In Literacy, Year 4 have been using the texts of Marvin and Milo to help write up science experiments.  As part of the process, we carried out our own investigations.  One of the most messy and most popular was making slime!

Literacy - writing up a science investigation.

Our topic this term has focused on the country of India.  Here is a small selection of home learning that has been brought in by Year 4.  The work has ranged from delicious samosas to incredible posters full of art work.  Well done Year 4 and a big thank you to all the parents and carers who helped you create such great work.
Lewis from Children of the Forest took Year 4 in to our local woods to learn some incredible woodland skills.  We learnt how to use a knife safely, to light a fire, recognise local fauna and flora, cook marshmallows, build swings, build shelters and how to be safe in the woods.  We all had a great time and look forward to our next lesson.

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