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Learning the Trombone

Year 4 are now learning to play the trombone. We can all read music and know the names and values of different notes. We really enjoy our trombone lessons and are sounding great.
Year 4 had great fun tie dying fabric ready for sewing next week. We had to leave the fabric to dry overnight before we could unwrap it to see our results.

NSPCC Number Day

Year 4 spent NSPCC Number Day exploring patterns in multiplication tables. We measured all sorts of objects, converted between m, cm and mm and then worked out how long 3, 5, or 8 of that object would be. We also enjoyed playing timestables games on the computers and investigating patterns made by the digital roots of tables. All of this amazing maths, whilst wearing numbers and raising money for the NSPCC.

Christian Unity Liturgy

Year 4 led our Liturgy for Christian Unity and were pleased to welcome family, friends and governors as well as parishioners from several different churches to celebrate with us.

Roman Soldier Visit

Year 4 had a fantastic visit from Felix the Roman soldier. We learnt a lot about what it was like to be a Roman soldier as well as everyday Roman life.


Laudato Si - Recycled Paper

Year 4 have been listening to Pope Francis' message in his letter Laudato Si (Our Common Home). We have been thinking about how we can use the world's resources more wisely and have been coming up with ways of saving paper in school. We even made our own recycled paper, using paper that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Paignton Zoo Trip

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic day at Paigton Zoo. We started the day with a great workshop all about rainforests and then explored the rest of the zoo. We were lucky to see lots of incredible animals close up.

Making Indus Valley Merchant Seals

In the Indus Valley each merchant had a seal to indentify their goods. Year 4 created their own designs and then used clay to make their seals.

Learning to play the PBuzz

Making Circuits in Science

Maths Games

Year 4 have made a great start to the new school year. Everyone enjoyed playing maths games using their place value skills.