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Designing and making monsters using recycled materials.

Year 1 have been looking at tens and ones and using that to help us add 10 and subtract 10.


Making sculptures of our hands in the style of Marc Quinn

Gymnastics with Mr Edwards

Christmas Sleigh Designing and Making

Christmas Nativity 2019 - Everyone Loves A Baby!

100 word challenge!


This week we had our first 100 word challenge winners!


We know our first 100 high frequency and tricky words by sight which really helps our reading and we were very happy with our prize of a new book each!



We love it when Rugby Tots come to school to coach us in PE.

God's creations


We went on a walk through the school grounds to see how many of God's creations we could find.



Year 1 have been enjoying the story "Supertato" and making their own special super heroes to help re-tell the story.

World Book Day

Rugby Tots

NSPCC numbers day

Exploring habitats

We explored mini-beast habitats and used magnifying glasses to get a closer look! Year 1 predicted they would find lots of mini-beasts in dark, wet places- and they were right! We found lots of mini-beasts hiding in leaf litter and under fallen trees. We also found a hedgehog and agreed that the school playground was not the best habitat for him!

CHAT Teddy Bear Sleepover

In support of CHAT (Churches Housing Action Team), year 1 donated £1 each and invited their teddy bears to spend the night at school. When we got to school the next day the teddies had been very busy doing some maths work, reading and having a snack! We learnt about homelessness and how our donations would help children who didn't have a safe home to live in.

Dottie's Year 1 visit

Last week we were lucky enough to have a special visitor in Year 1, Miss Gibb brought her Jack Russell Dottie in for the afternoon! This is part of our science learning and our topic learning on pets this half term. Year 1 had lots of questions for Miss Gibb about Dottie and Dottie had a lovely time too!

RE - Re-enacting our own Pentecost Plays

Breaking news: Aliens crash land on our school playground. Year 1 investigate the crash site

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018 - The Year of the Dog

Year 1 have enjoyed creating their own actions for rhymes and then performing their rhyme to the class.

Hot Chocolate and Story Telling in the Forest

Using a paint programme to create firework pictures.

Fire Safety - A visit from the Fire Brigade

Religious Education - Exploring God's amazing creations

During their computing lesson, Year 1 children practiced programming a Beebot, using the correct coding to make it move along a desired route.