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God's Presence All Around Year 4

We went for a walk around the school and found God’s presence in the sights, sounds, smells and sensations all around us. We especially appreciated God’s bounty in the delicious apples which we picked from our tree. We worked together to write a class poem based on the wonderful evidence of God’s presence in the world around us.


God is in everything.

Orchards full of scrumptious apples,

Delicate silky crispy leaves crunching under feet.


In the distance, rolling, misty hill,

Seeds floating on the autumn breeze.


Playground full of children’s laughter,

Red, juicy apples on a bountiful tree covered in golden leaves,

Extraordinarily beautiful leaves fluttering in the whistling wind.

Spirit of God in everything.

Exquisite berries red like rubies,

Naked tree, leaves all gone.

Thank you God for being with us.