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Year 5's Panto review!

Early in the morning, the children of year 5 were feeling drowsy, excited and happy yet the teachers had drunk their morning coffee (not enough according to Mrs Revolta)! After seeing who was here, a last toilet stop and coats at the ready we left school with smiling faces.


From around the corner, the gold, luxury coach appeared, there were cheers of excitement since we had waited a while! We knew this coach was for us because we are gold standard children! We all clambered on to the coach, took our seats and fastened our seatbelts. Brum, brum and off we go.


The journey to Barnstaple had started, we were full of anticipation. What was ahead of us was yet to be discovered. The boys were singing ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’ whilst the girls were singing Christmas carols.  For some of us, the time flew by yet for Miss Gall time dragged with children screeching in her ears!

Soon the theatre came into our sight, once again there were cheers of joy. We got of the coach and headed into the theatre. We took our seats and waited for the show to start whilst music played which helped the Christmas spirit!


We watched with fascination as the story unfolded, Abanazar took to the stage with an evil hackle.

Some highlights of the pantomime included:

Twankie and Wishie Washie’s amusing dance,

The Genie and the magical, dusty lamp,

When the mummy ran away from Twankie,

The super singing and silly sounds (che-ching)!


When Aladdin ended everyone clapped and cheered. It had been a great show!