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Religious Education and Spiritual, Moral Social and Cultural development are an important part of our school life, not least because we believe it is important for our children to have some understanding of all faiths, cultures and traditions, respecting the beliefs of others. In this way we hope that our children will learn to ask the big questions about life, religion and spirituality, and form their own views and opinions, while remaining open to learning about other theologies and philosophies.


We encourage our children to uphold British values of tolerance, democracy and lack of discrimination. 


In RE, we use the God Matters scheme of work, which teaches the children about the Catholic church, but also about other faiths. Children learn to relate stories from the Bible and other faith backgrounds to their own lives and experiences. They are encouraged to think for themselves and share opinions with others.


Each class also receives a weekly SMSC session, where children have opportunities to think about how they recognise and respond to their own feelings, and those of others. Each year, they review our anti-bullying policy, so that they have ownership of it. Time is given to looking at relationships, and in Years 5 and 6 children start to look at what happens when their bodies mature, and how babies are made.


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