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Read, Write, Inc

At St John's, we follow the Read Write Inc Phonics programme for early reading, phonics and writing across EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2.  Children are assessed half termly and taught in small groups with a reading teacher.  Children work through three sets of sounds:

Set 1 - Main alphabet sounds (a-z and special friends  - th, ch, sh, ng, nk, ss, ff, ll )

Set 2 - Common vowel digraphs (special friends - e.g oa, ay, ee, igh, oo, ur)

Set 3 - Alternative vowel sounds (special friends - e.g ea, ai, ew, ie)


Children bring home the coloured storybook which they have been reading in class to share at home, alongside a matching book bag book.  All books read by the child are phonically decodable and only contain the phonics sounds which the child has been learning in school.  Children will also bring home a reading for pleasure book of their own choice from our school library.  This book can be read by the parent/carer to the child.  


Children in EYFS and Key Stage 1, access the Get Writing element of RWI for their writing.  They each have their own workbook, which relates to the storybook which they are reading,  Writing sessions focus on word level work such as spellings using their Fred Fingers, filling in clauses with missing words, and handwriting.  The children will have an opportunity to build their own sentences in Hold and Build a Sentence time and complete longer writes in the styles of their storybooks (e.g instructions, stories, speech bubbles etc).


The parents tab on the Oxford Owl website contains all the important information for parents to support your child's reading at home and can be accessed here.

Oxford Owl for School and Home

There are also lots of videos to support your child for parents to watch available on this website.  


The e-book library for children to access their storybooks can be found here  Your child's class teacher will have given you a code to access this.  


Read Write Inc. Phonics eBook Library │ Oxford Owl


In Years 2-6, we develop children’s spelling further by using the No Nonsense Spelling materials designed by the Literacy team at Babcock LDP and published by Raintree. The program is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive. It enables us to implement an effective spelling teaching program that prepares the children for their move into Key Stage 3