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2019-2020 - PE Curriculum Map

Physical Education at St. John’s

Our vision for the future provision of Physical Education (PE) at St. John’s is one that will equip and inspire each and every child to fulfil their physical potential and have a life-long-love of physical exercise. We want every child to leave our school with a better understanding of why exercise is important to their health and well-being and with the ability to be a team player, both in and out of sport.

At St. John’s, the Sport Premium Funding will be used in sustainable ways to improve the fitness and physical performance of our children; to help our children understand the health benefits of regular physical exercise; to improve overall participation rates in competitive sport, both in school and out.

The key features of our vision are summarised below.

1.Continuing Professional Development. St. John’s has already started to up-skill its team from meal time assistants to subject co-ordinators in order to build confidence and increase the importance of PE as part of the school day.  From this, we hope to see an increase in the number of children achieving at or above expectation in P.E. lessons.

2.Curriculum. In order to address an across school general lack in upper body core strength there will be an increased emphasis on gymnastics each term in the future. This will be monitored by the regular use of assessment tests.

 We have also decided to teach basketball instead of netball in order to get all children moving all over the court. They will therefore also be able to learn and use the additional skills of bouncing.

3.Sustainability. All purchases in the future will be made with longevity in mind, as well as value for money. Initially there is going to be heavy investment in necessary day-to-day resources to improve the quality of the lessons for the children. Long term, we are also planning to invest in wall-mounted gymnastics apparatus and possibly a ball wall along one side of the playground.

4.Participation. We want:

  • Every child to take part in every PE lesson;
  • At least 75% of pupils to attend a minimum of 1 out of school sporting event annually;
  • To increase participation rates in our after school sports club provision to 40%.

5.Long Term Objectives. With funding guaranteed for at least 3 years, St John’s will plan spending carefully to ensure a sustainable future for P.E.  Current spending can be viewed below.  Future spending will be decided through consultation with stakeholders, requiring careful consideration.