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Children in the KS2 classes can practise and consolidate their learning of maths and number facts by using the activities on Mathletics.  This is a global online resource designed to inspire children with the desire to learn and the confidence to succeed.  There are thousands of activities for all ages and abilities.  Each week the children will have set tasks to complete as homework. The children can also play live mental mathematics games against their friends and others from around the world in a safe, protected online environment.  For each activity completed, the children win points.  Points win certificates that are presented each week in the KS2 assemblies.


 - great website with a whole range of problem solving activities, maths stories, maths in different contexts (including minions!!) and ideas for most areas of the curriculum. - range of resources suitable for all year groups.  Wealth of recent research, projects and ideas for literacy to read for particular areas of numeracy. - loads of resources and details of how you can link to the new curriculum.  Great for understanding mastery and problem solving in a range of contexts. - Loads of open ended problem solving activities across the key stage range. - Jo Boaler Growth Mindset website.  Some good activites and videos about the learning pit, growth mindset ideology etc. - times tables practice. - range of resources, broken down to objective level and sorted by curriculum area.  If you search for snappy maths on Google and then add your year group, it will link straight to specific year group objectives. - loads of downloadable resources for a range of areas of Maths.  Resources available for all year groups. - allows you to search by different maths terminology or areas and provides a range of possible activities to use.  Also provides flash cards with terminology. - wealth of activity sheets which are good for ideas across the curriculum in numeracy and across all year groups.