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Play these fun Maths Games for 5-7 year olds

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Below is a list of useful websites by subject with some additional details.  This list will be added to throughout the year so keep checking back!




This is a very useful site to help you understand more about our phonics program of study.  In Year 1 we cover Phase 3 (currently), 4 and 5 and also recap Phase 2 as appropriate.


The site contains an overview of what is covered in each phase including tricky words (words with letters that are said differently to normal).  It also contains great word banks and some brilliant games to help your child with their reading and writing (buried treasure is one of their favourites!!).


Jolly Phonics offers a fantastic learning opportunity that we use in school.  The children learn to associate a certain action to a sound.  For many children this is an excellent tool to help memory of letter sounds.  This website provides a complete list of all the sounds and the actions that go with them.    If you are still unsure, Youtube has many excellent videos that can help.




This is a fantastic website with lots of maths games covering a wide range of topics for children to explore.


All other subjects


This site provides all the details regarding curricular targets and objectives for year 1.  Although the websites have been removed, by following the link and clicking 'archive', you will be taken to the website containing all targets for each subject.


This may provide useful for an overview of what is covered year on year.  This may be subject to change with recent government reviews, but this will be updated as and when any update occurs.


Generally speaking there are lots of great websites on the internet, many of which can be found using Google search.  If there is something your child particularly enjoys or you would like them to learn more about this is a great way to find some useful interactive programs.


If you would like further help or information please speak to the class teacher.