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  • (amazing for general practice, generates worksheets)
  • (fun maths related games)
  • (amazing for general practice through games)
  • (fun maths related games)
  • (a free online times table test)
  • (good for SATs practice)




  • (for all your grammar needs including tests and definitions to help understanding)
  • (good activities for improving handwriting)
  • (good all-rounder)
  • (good all-rounder)
  • (fun English related games)





  • (great for definitions/ explanations for parents)
  • (great for definitions/ explanations for parents and children)

SATs Advice

Use the link below to watch a short Youtube video explaining the KS2 SATs to parents.

This web site provides information, advice & revision ideas for KS 2 SATs. It's a really useful site to visit if you couldn't make our SATs presentation. It's also useful even if you did make it- there was a lot to take in!

Use your personal login to access your homework and practise key skills.

Mental Maths Games

Sharpen your mental maths skills on this selection of learning games. You can practise over and over again as the questions change.


Use TimesTablesMe to practise your times tables.

Have fun with your times tables!