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Visions and Values

Plymouth CAST Vision & Values

St John's Mission and Values

Our Vision:


Inspiring a love

for lifelong learning

through God. 


Our Mission Statement:

At St John's, we are learning to grow into God's family, where there are no outsiders, where all belong and aspire to achieve the best they can.  As a Catholic school, we aim to provide a well-rounded, Christian education to prepare our children for their unique contribution to the world.



Our Values:

  • Courage and Challenge: St John's School is a place where children have the courage to challenge themselves through Christ's presence. 
  • Love and Respect: St John’s School is a place where God’s love for us is shared and nurtured. 
  • Excellence and Celebration: St John's School is a place where children strive for excellence in all that they do through God's love for us all. Spiritual, academic and physical growth; feelings, attitudes and relationships; character and personality are shared and celebrated for all to enjoy.

St John's School is  a place where our children feel safe, where children aspire to do their best and where they learn to respect each other through the Gospel values.