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Year 6

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Happy New Year! I am very excited to be embarking on Spring term, and we have an exciting range of activities planned - details of which can be found on the puzzle plan attached with this letter.

We shall be continuing with regular spelling and times tables testing, along with allowing the children opportunities to complete their reading quizzes for Accelerated Reading. 

PE – For the first half of this term our PE will be Gymnastics on a Monday afternoon. The year 5 and year 6 children will be having gymnastics together, and will be split into two groups. We shall also have Real PE as joint 5 and 6 on Thursday afternoons, and the children will need to be equipped for indoor and outdoor PE. After half term, we shall be swimming on a Thursday afternoon.   

Reading – All of Year 6 are now working on the Accelerated Reading Programme and are busily reading and quizzing their books. As they are in year 6, I have asked that they read at least 5 times a week and write a brief note about what they have read into their reading records. Reading regularly is the best way to improve their reading speed and fluency. Parents often ask teachers what can they do to help support their child’s learning and progress. Without doubt, the biggest answer to this is … READING! This could be listening to your child read; reading a fabulous book to your child or having regular bedtime reading sessions. Listening to stories is proven to have a massive impact on children’s vocabulary development which then has a positive impact on their writing.

Spelling – One of the most important elements of the writing assessment framework is spelling. To this end, please ensure your children practise their spellings regularly.

Times tables – as with spellings, times tables are pivotal to success in maths. Please support your children with regular practise.

Help – If you feel you would like to help in Year 6 you would be very welcome. This does not have to be a regular commitment but all support is gratefully received.

We are really looking forward to a busy term with lots of great learning and experiences. If you do have any questions or concerns, please come and speak to one of us.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Mears